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Technologica Technologica

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the funny part, is this IS what a lot of 80's movies sci-fi movie sound like, and yet, it's quiet showing of a FLStudio starter. I did the exact same stuff for years. get some youtube tutorials ond songwriting, song structure, from types of music and artist you like, too just tips and tricks, with what sounds you want to explore, like pads, drums, and basslines.
i've been doing music for closer to 2 decades and still good tutorials help make better music, inspire and intrigue.

QuietStealth responds:

I was starting off with Fruit Loops studio when I made this piece of crap. I only use it for when I want to make short cartoons and what not.

In The Sunset In The Sunset

Rated 2 / 5 stars


just don't do fade outs. fade otus were done for juke boxes. just let it end at the last beat so it can be looped! if you want this use din flash vids. they can add the fade out if it's needed.

never use fade outs. it's cheap cop out.

B³oto B³oto

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice fucked up rhythem

listen to this while i play games, nice so far, good intro. seems pretty good for background to shit. very diverse. wow you got some nice chords in there at the breakdown. very nice. keep it up very chill at points but yet militant.

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umen responds:

My first review, thanks for a positive.

werdest song ever! werdest song ever!

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an hour IS no work.

Jazzy Drumz Jazzy Drumz

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no, jazz drums are different none stop. take one loop and change it over and over again. that would do it.

si-fi cowbellz si-fi cowbellz

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do what?

put a phazer over a cowbell in Fruity loops with a bassline and a snare in the distance and a rhythamtic white noise as ohats?


mariomusicmaker1 responds:

well it isnt a phasor on the cow bell :P

Let The Rain Fall Down Reprise Let The Rain Fall Down Reprise

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I know this is the style, but man, you gotta be deaf at about 5k, you got that cranked out for the snare. it wouldn't be a bad thing if you turned that down just the slightest bit. I bet you don't even know it, but listening to your music loud, and clubs, you permantly damage your hearing.
Try a test with something like just a sine wave, and sweep the pitch up and down, if you can think of some way. you'll find the volume drop down at about the sound the snares make.

heed this or not, nice song dude.

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Happy Potato Happy Potato

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


this song is Fruity Crap. some nice ideas, but it's like you took all the basic sounds in it and made song.

Xiro responds:

all I have at the moment is Fruity Loops studio 4. I've only had it for a little less than a year now, and have just recently gotten serious about learning it.

I actually am still learning alot about the program, as it is still relatively new to me...

so cut me a break >.<;

DarkA - Listen... (demo) DarkA - Listen... (demo)

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i swear i did a song like that, FL, and the voices where what i chose , a whisper, and a little girls whisper style. kreeepy. the pianos sound simular to the 1/8 none stop arp that doesn't change at all. but you got a whining ambient noise that is a nice addition.

the boo bass sucks though.

DJdarkangel responds:

Hey how did you know??? that is exactly i i used

Maybe we think alike so's some of our music id similar.

I know i know it bugs me 2 :) but i have yet to find a bass that fits the godamn thing :)

DarkAngel out...

DarkA - The start of the night DarkA - The start of the night

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice song

it's simple nice song. not many turnarounds, it's looped a lot. the beging bassline is clipping, but maybe you wanted that bad quality distortion.

but oh fuck ya, the song digresses into a beautiful fucking rocker. holy shit. where the hell did that come from. now that's more about rhythem, and trance. but tan it ends. ... :( so you see there's a problem there. the start sucks, the break down is monsterous.

DJdarkangel responds:

Hey there,
Thanks for the review :)

Well, the point was not having to much turnarounds, i wanted it to be more trancie than technoie, or somwthing like that.

Yeah the begining need some work, and the clipping waen't intentional... i just forgot to make an ajustment when i exported 0.o

Maybe i can spend a little more time on it and post another version :)

DarkAngel out...